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LinHai Sheng Trade Co., Ltd. now has more than 100 people. The company has been a professional technology, innovative ideas, quality service, good faith cooperation in the competitive market with a wealth of experience and talent shows itself, keen observation of the market, the company quickly out of a path of development. Our company specializes in producing stainless steel flagpole, tapered flagpole, electric award flagpole, flag tower, lightning rod, music flagpole, pneumatic flagpole, flagpole change, welcome to call to discuss. The company's continuous innovation, people-oriented, good faith management. Your satisfaction is our greatest succ...

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Three advantages show brand strength
All kinds of products, styles, can be tailored for your multi-faceted choice
Product variety, style, can be customized for your multiple choice

未標題-2.jpg Product rich, diverse styles, all-round and multi-level to meet customer needs

未標題-2.jpg According to the specific needs of customers, tailored to develop new products

Scientific and perfect management system and production process to ensure quick delivery
Scientific and perfect management system and production process

未標題-2.jpg From the production of raw materials procurement, product development, manufacturing, product, final application services, and so on every link strictly control

未標題-2.jpg With the fastest and most reasonable time to arrange orders, to ensure the fastest speed, delivery accuracy is extremely high

Perfect technical service team - quick response, no worries
Perfect technical service team, fast response, no worries

未標題-2.jpg Pre sale: provide technical service consultation, customer service center, and help you to understand product knowledge easily、

未標題-2.jpg Sales: distribution hub of the country's logistics center, sales and service centers, technical support centers, instant

未標題-2.jpg Deal with orders, sales, product applications and other related aspects, to meet the customer demand at the highest efficiency

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